Nutritional Info

At Chabaso we’re dedicated to baking delicious breads with processes and ingredients of the highest quality. It’s an ongoing process of exploring new ways to make our breads even better for you. Read more about nutritional aspects of Chabaso breads below.

Long, natural fermentation

In the world of bread baking, there is one ingredient that has a greater power than any other to create flavorful and delicious breads: time. During a natural, long fermentation, as the yeast acts, a huge amount of flavor is created. When you’re eating Chabaso bread, you’re eating something that took 20 hours or more to produce. We take this time because it’s the only way to make the best bread in the world.

Whole Grains

At Chabaso we love grains of all kinds, and we know that the more whole grains we can eat the healthier we’ll be. We incorporate whole grains into our breads in different ways. Whether we add whole wheat flour to our dough, whole grains into the dough, or top our breads with whole grains the result is the same: a delicious, nutty, crunchy, and healthier eating experience.


We all know that fiber is important for health, but it’s not always easy to get enough of it in our daily diet.  We’re trying to make that a bit easier by incorporating more whole grains and whole grain flour into our breads. All new items we’re developing and releasing qualify for a whole grains stamp and we’re experimenting with doing the same to our existing breads. Don’t worry, we won’t change anything until we can convince ourselves that we aren’t compromising on taste or texture, but we’re working toward whole grains in everything we make with the same taste you’ve come to love.


Protein is important in bread making. It gives bread the strength to hold its shape throughout the process creating the open, airy bread we all love. It’s also important to our bodies.  The proteins that exist naturally in wheat have numerous health benefits. We’re also working with other protein sources to increase the healthy protein content of our breads even more.


At Chabaso, we have committed to use only non-GMO ingredients. All of our breads are Non-GMO project verified.

0% Trans Fat

You’ll never see anything with Trans Fats from Chabaso. We don’t eat these and don’t think you should have to either.


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