How we define artisan bread

Of course it’s about the taste and good eating! But it’s also about the people and principles behind the bread. Since 1981 we’ve been a family business dedicated to high standards and artisan techniques. Simple ingredients – given loving attention and long, natural fermentation – become beautiful bread with complex flavor and the best texture and crust. Simple principles of building a quality work environment and having a positive environmental and social impact guide our choices.

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A Healthier, Better Tomorrow

Our mission is to create a healthier, better tomorrow – with bread! It started with our commitment to long fermentation processes (20+ hours), simple ingredients and quality working conditions. We offer and are expanding our high fiber, whole grain and high protein formulations. We are working to reduce food waste and obesity. We started urban farming initiatives long ago that are thriving today, and recently we started working on fostering civil conversation in society. Join us!

This artichoke and pesto spread is savory and healthy! Spread on top of a Chabaso Classic Baguette and you have yourself a quick, easy, yet delicious appetizer.
Celebrate the Holidays with Chabaso Ciabatta Stuffing! Any of our Chabaso Artisan Ciabattas is the perfect bread for your holiday stuffing. Sure to please all your guests during the holiday season!

Recipe Book

The Chabaso recipe book features recipes from our team, chef friends, and you! Submit your own recipes on social media with #chabaso for a chance to be featured.

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