A big reason that Chabaso breads taste so good is that we use high-quality ingredients. Read more about some of our favorites!


All bread begins with flour, and we have worked hard to source a custom milled flour that is designed specifically to our unique needs. Our millers source wheat from around the United States in order to match our exacting standards and ensure that we are able to product the high quality, consistent products that our fans love and expect.

Olive oil

Olive oil is delicious and healthy. We used extra virgin olive sourced from producers around the world to ensure a super flavorful bread.


Roasted garlic

Roasting garlic in house is a huge job, but one that we feel is worth it. We purchase garlic in whole cloves and roast it slowly with extra virgin olive oil to bring out the toasted flavor that garlic lovers go crazy for.


Grains and seeds

Grains and seeds bring crunch, flavor, and nutritional benefits to our breads. When we use them we like to use a blend of grains and seeds to get the best results in both taste and nutrition.



At Chabaso, we have committed to use only non-GMO ingredients.  All of our breads are Non-GMO project verified.


Food safety

In the world of food safety, bread is pretty safe, but that doesn’t mean that we take food food safety lightly.  We monitor times and temperatures both during the production process and during holding to ensure that there are no pathogens present in the bread and every loaf we make passes through a metal detector to ensure that you don’t find anything unwanted in your bread.

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