Chabaso newsletter, October 2021

We’re Hiring!

This month we raised our starting wage to $15/hr and our benefits program includes health and dental insurance, free healthy lunches, disability insurance, 401k retirement plan, vacation/sick/paid time off, and 6 paid holidays per year.

This photo was taken earlier this year after ten members of our team completed a 10-week leadership development program.?

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Baguettes in the oven

When you’re baking a lot of baguettes you need a large special oven. We bake our bread directly on the hearth of our tunnel oven, where the bread is automatically loaded onto the oven plates and travels about 40 feet through the oven chamber. After about 25 minutes, what entered as pieces of dough exits as beautiful crispy baguettes with an open crumb and crispy crust!

Visit for more on our hearth oven baking process












CT Food Launchpad Pitch Night

This week in partnership with our sister business Atticus we hosted the CT Food Launchpad Pitch Night to connect emerging CT food brands with buyers from grocers and restaurants.

It was a great gathering of Connecticut entrepreneurs, buyers from regional grocers and restaurants, and food-curious folks.

We want to thank Lieutentant Governor Susan Bysiewicz for her support of this initiative, and also to New Haven Innovation Collaborative and CTNext for making this whole program possible!

If you’re a food brand or grocer interested in working with us, head over to and contact us. And stay tuned for our next Pitch Night event in a few months!




Production Team

Our production team is responsible for doing the final shape and quality check before the dough moves on to proofing. After the dough rises, it will bake in our European-style tunnel ovens.

Visit for recipes, info about where to find Chabaso breads near you, and wholesale info.




Vaccine Clinic

This past month, we held our second vaccine clinic in partnership with Griffin Health.

The vaccine clinic was open to Chabaso employees and the public. We also handed out samples of our delicious bread!

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