Retail Partner Kit


The retail partner kit contains signage and information that will help you to better merchandise Chabaso better-for-you breads in your Bakery department.
  • Display cards with info about Chabaso breads including featured ingredients, a scannable QR code recipe, and Northeast farms we source from.
  • Clip-on sign holders
  • Informational packet about Chabaso products and processes
Don’t currently stock Chabaso Bakery products? Please contact us here if you’re interested in becoming a retail partner.


The retail partner kid includes display cards with information about ingredients, how to use our products, and the Northeast farms we source from.


Flour, water, salt, and yeast is where it starts.  We use a tiny amount of yeast, preferring to give our breads the time to ferment naturally – at least 20 hours!   That creates the best texture and flavor. Our sourcing is rigorous.  While Federal Labelling Laws no longer allow manufacturers to claim “all-natural” on their packaging because these claims can be misleading and industry standards have not been agreed upon, all-natural and certified Non-GMO are still our guardrails.

Scannable QR code recipe

Customers in your store can scan the display card QR code to see a recipe for that Chabaso product. Our recipe library provides suggestions for both appetizers and entrees. Check out the recipes here.

Northeast farms we source from

We’re proud to be working to source more and more of our ingredients from farms in the Northeast. We’re also workingto help other organizations source regionally with our annual Northeast Grain Gab conference in partnership with Yale.

Clip-on sign holders

The Clip-on sign holders included in the kit make it easy for you to attach the Chabaso display cards to a variety of surfaces and displays in your bakery.

About Chabaso products and processes

Of course it’s about the taste and good eating! But it’s also about the people and principles behind the bread. Since 1981 we’ve been a family business dedicated to high standards and artisan techniques. Simple ingredients – given loving attention and long, natural fermentation – become artisan bread with complex flavor and the best texture and crust. Simple principles of building a quality work environment and having a positive environmental and social impact guide our choices.

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Olive Oil, Roasted Garlic, Classic Recipe, Rainin' Grains, Stone-Ground Wheat, Cranberry Pecan, Classic Recipe Baguette, Classic Recipe Mezzo


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