School Bread Sampler


The School Bread Sampler contains 8 breads and a brochure with information on each bread, including its oz grain equivalents and whole grain-rich status.

  • Powerberry Ciabatta Roll (2 oz)
  • Multigrain Ciabatta Roll (2 oz)
  • Classic Ciabatta Roll (2 oz)
  • 51% Wheat Bun (2 oz)
  • 51% Wheat Dinner Roll (1 oz)
  • Garlic Roll (1.3 oz)
  • Stone-Ground Wheat Ciabatta Roll (2 oz)
  • Sea Salt Ciabatta Roll (1.3 oz)

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Additional information on the Chabaso line of school breads is available in this PDF.

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Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 19 x 10 x 8 in


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