Mother’s Day Bread Gift Bundle


Celebrate Mother’s Day with this bread gift bundle of artisan breads that feature indulgent super ingredients like turmeric, aronia berries, sunflower seeds, candied orange, and chocolate chunks.

  • Powerberry Loaf (8 oz)
  • Candied Orange Loaf (8 oz)
  • Turmeric Sunflower Loaf (8 oz)
  • Chocolate Cherry Boule (10 oz)

With each Mother’s Day bread bundle we sell we will donate a bread bundle to a women and families shelter in Connecticut. We believe in the power of tiny acts of love!

Heat Before Eating: Bake or toast unwrapped at 400℉ for 3 – 10 minutes if fresh or 5 – 10 minutes if frozen. If you want a softer and lighter bread, then take it out on the earlier side. If you want a crustier and darker bread, then keep it in a bit longer. You are the final Chabaso baker!

Freeze for Later: Wrap bread in plastic wrap and place in a freezer bag. It will keep for several months.

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The Mother’s Day Bread Gift Bundle contains 4 items.

  • Powerberry Loaf (8 oz) – a slightly sweet, quite purple loaf with high-antioxidant aronia berries, blueberries and cranberries
  • Candied Orange Loaf (8 oz) –  the sweet and slightly bitter flavors of candied orange peel mix wonderfully with hearty whole wheat
  • Turmeric Sunflower Loaf (8 oz) – the bright yellow color and subtle flavor of turmeric is complemented with nutty sunflower seeds
  • Chocolate Cherry Boule (10 oz) – cocoa-flavored dough is packed with chocolate chunks and dried cherries

One for one
For each Mother’s Day bundle purchased before 5/17/19, Chabaso will donate one bread bundle to a women and families shelter in Connecticut.

Arrive by Mother’s Day (5/12/19)
During checkout you can specify a date for the bread bundle to arrive by. You can also include a gift message. Arrival date must be later than 4/22/19, as up until that date we’ll just be accepting pre-orders for this product.

$5 flat rate shipping
Enjoy $5 flat rate shipping per item to anywhere in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic United States.

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