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A New Chapter at Chabaso Bakery

We are happy and proud to tell you that a new chapter is about to begin at Chabaso and it’s going to be a really great one! When Trish arrived, Charlie (Jr.) was ready for a new adventure and he went off to do wonderful things with Atticus Bookstore Café. Not only is the business […]

The First Northeast Grain Gab

On Tuesday October 8, 2019 a group that included growers, bakers, brewers, academics and policymakers gathered at Yale West Campus to explore the steps toward a stronger Northeast grain economy.

Chabaso Driving Team

A chat with our our logistics and distribution director Blair Polny about the Chabaso driving team!

Maribel Rodriguez

A chat with our production supervisor Maribel Rodriguez about her tenure at Chabaso and what it takes to make great bread.

Our new look

We are in love with our new look. Truth be told though, the packaging transition was gnarly and hard! It upset some customers and it took too much of our time and focus. So we are really glad to finally be on the other side and taking a moment to reflect.



Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery | Chabaso Mother's Day bread bundle with four new flavors
New Haven, CT based artisan bakery Chabaso, specializing in ciabattas and other artisan brands that are available in grocery and specialty stores throughout the Eastern US, is celebrating Mother’s Day this year with a Mother’s Day Bread Bundle, available only through the company’s new e-commerce platform, beginning on Friday, April 12. Priced at $30.00 (plus shipping), the bundle includes four new flavors.
WNHH Radio | Trish Karter, CEO of Chabaso, on LoveBabz LoveTalk
Trish Karter, CEO of Chabaso, visited WNHH Community Radio to talk about the history and future of Chabaso as well as her personal journey spanning entrepreneurship, motherhood, fine art, athletics and social change.
New Haven Register | New Haven bakery cooks up new brand campaign, e-commerce platform
Friday was an eventful day for artisan bread maker Chabaso Bakery. The New Haven-based bakery, which has been in business for more than 30 years, launched a rebranding campaign and debuted its first-ever e-commerce platform on the same day.
Arts Council of Greater New Haven | Our Food Finds Of 2018
But the star of this year’s kitchen table was modest and unassuming: sourdough bread that whole grain ninja Josh Kanter brought with him as he rolled into town almost exactly a year ago as the new head baker for Atticus. In the months since he has taken over a small corner of Chabaso’s Fair Haven headquarters, Kanter and Atticus owner Charles Negaro Jr. have changed Atticus’ approach to bread itself, slipping whole grain and fermentation into every loaf and square pie the bakery turns out. “There’s a really great feeling that you get when you give somebody something that you made,” he said in an interview about his bread, his life, and his work earlier this year. “That probably could come from a multitude of things. Building a cabinet, or making a belt for somebody—anything handmade that you convert from a raw ingredient.”
Total Food Service | Chabaso Entering New Chapter Of Its Storied 30+ Year History
Chabaso, a family-owned bakery specializing in ciabattas and other artisan breads, is launching a new chapter of growth and innovation identified with a rebranding effort, including a new graphics package and website that includes the company’s first ever ecommerce platform.
Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery | Chabaso Ovals Bread And Double Pumpkin Ciabatta Rolls
Chabaso recently released four flavors of its Oval bread, as well as Double Pumpkin Ciabatta Rolls. The Ovals retail for $2.99, and the Double Pumpkin Ciabatta Rolls retail for $3.99.
Yale Tsai Center Blog | From Sourdough to Kimchi, Students Explore the World of Fermentation
[This article features our sister business Atticus Bookstore Cafe!] “Your mother is in the fridge, and you must feed her.” This instruction may have startled anyone passing through the Marsh Hall classroom on a Friday afternoon this October, but to those gathered around the table with Charlie Negaro Jr. of New Haven’s Atticus Bookstore Café, it was a mandate to begin their journey with sourdough bread making. The “mother” Negaro referred to was the culture of bacteria and yeast, known as “starter,” that all sourdough loaves are born from.
The Arts Paper | Chabaso Breaks Bread, And Talks About It
That’s the idea behind “Bread Breakers,” a new monthly discussion series hosted by Chabaso Bakery that seeks to get New Haveners from different areas of the city—and different racial, socioeconomic, social, and political backgrounds—to sit down, have a conversation, and literally break bread together. Amid loaves of free Chabaso bread and rolls, discussants can opt to have their conversations recorded and archived for the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress, a project run by StoryCorps.
WBUR | Racing Across America To Change Perceptions Of Older Women
[Chabaso CEO] Trish Karter signed up for the 2017 edition of RAAM, which would begin in June. She put together a four-person team of riders and a support group of a dozen or so others. Karter, by that time 60, decided that the riders and some of the support team should all be about the same age she was. Before she set out, she was humble about that goal of being the first team of women over 60 to finish the RAAM.
Fox 61 | See how bread gets made with a look inside this unique New Haven bakery
Years later, a small kitchen with four people turned into a 5,000 square foot bakery with 25 people and grew into what it is today: the leading brand of artisan bread in the Northeast. Its CEO says you can find Chabaso in pretty much every grocery store in the Northeast. The company has a variety of products, but also sticks to its roots with a delicious ciabatta. It’s now looking for ways to add more health benefits without sacrificing the taste.

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